Best Social Media Marketing Tools

A list of the most useful social media marketing tools for business owners to use in 2021.

Best Social Media Marketing Tools

We all know that social media is a huge part of our lives and we cannot escape it. It seems like there are new ways to use social media everyday, including tools for both marketing and managing your accounts. 

While there are many great tools out there. In this training, we’ll go over seven top social media marketing tools to help you grow in 2021 and beyond.

Let’s dive in!

Number 1: Buffer


  • Buffer is a social media management, optimization and sharing tool. 
  • The service saves time by publishing updates to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn at times when the posts will receive the most attention. 
  • This lets users spend more time on content creation and less on planning out post schedules.
  • The content you publish on the Buffer platform is just one example of what’s possible. 
  • You can mix and match tools to create an experience that makes sense for your business needs, whether its analytics or social media management services like Facebook Ads Manager in addition to publishing software!

Number 2: Portent


  • Portent is a digital marketing and design agency that helps companies grow through strategy, creative and technology. 
  • They offer web design, development and content services for B2B and B2C businesses. 
  • They help clients build their brand, increase traffic to their website and convert leads into customers with social media marketing .
  • It is a company that specializes in analyzing your competition and figuring out what you can do to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Number 3: BuzzSumo


  • Buzzsumo is a service that allows you to monitor your brand’s online presence. 
  • Using this tool, users are able to see what kind of activity is being done with their name or company online. It can also be used for competitive research.
  • The way Buzzstemo works is by using the search function to find out how popular certain keywords or phrases are. 
  • You can even search to see how many times a certain website has been shared on social media and under what circumstances (i.e. how often and when). 
  • It will show you the results ranked by popularity, along with contact information for the site’s publisher which allows you to network with other publishers .

Number 4: Oracle


  • Oracle’s social media management platform is a one-stop shop for content creators
  • It offers everything from analytics and campaign tracking to an interactive editorial calendar that helps you plan your posts in advance so they’re more successful! 
  • The Oracle Marketing Cloud helps businesses gain insights on their customers and personalize the marketing experience. 
  • It helps marketers optimize and manage their digital marketing channels and campaigns. 

Number 5: Hootsuite


  • Hootsuite is a social media management system that helps you to connect with your audience on a number of different platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.
  •  Hootsuite can manage all of your profiles from one simple dashboard.
  • The platform has tools not only for individuals but also for businesses, allowing companies to keep track of their various accounts across different social media platforms.
  • It is a social media management software that provides content creation tools, scheduling and post-management. 
  • It has several different plans at multiple prices points to suit your requirements with an easy interface for all users to use

Number 6: WebiMax


  • WebiMax is a comprehensive, integrated internet marketing agency that has helped grow small to medium-sized businesses all across the planet
  • Since its inception in 2009, WebiMax has worked diligently for over 400 companies and services ranging from independent retailers to international corporations and organizations such as Castrol and Facebook!
  • WebiMax’s dedicated account managers are here to help you reach your social media goals. 
  • They can create content, design profiles on different platforms and devise strategies that will meet the needs of any business!

Number 7: Sysomos


  • Sysomos is a must-have for businesses looking to monitor their international campaign success. 
  • With the ability to detect key influencers and competitors in every market, this software provides detailed analytics on how well your campaigns are performing around the globe – making it easier than ever before to get ahead of competition everywhere!
  • Sysomos provides social media analysis for companies looking to monitor what’s being said about their brand across the web. By tracking keywords and hashtags, brands can see how they’re doing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. 

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