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Buyer/Seller Appointment Program For Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Guaranteed In-Market Buyer/Seller Leads for your RE Business.


Adopt proven, modern strategies & grow your real estate business.

Absolutely! our clients never have to worry about fighting over shared leads like when using platforms like Zillow or Trulia. All the leads we generate for our clients are through campaigns we design and execute and are 100% exclusive to that client.

Work with us. 😉 

All jokes aside – There’s no single “magic bullet” for generating more sales leads. However, given the fact that so many people search for real estate listings and agents online today, having a strong digital presence can significantly help with generating sales leads.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend hours on marketing in order to get results. Setting up an agent website that captures leads, establishing connections with potential clients and staying connected with your past clients are both beneficial real estate marketing activities that can be done with the help of real estate marketing technology.

Ensure you systemize your follow up and nurture processes so you can consistently stay top of mind with prospects without being tied down behind the scenes.

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My name is Jaime Ure. I’ve been in the marketing space for almost 7 years now. I started Zenscape Marketing in 2018, as a young man from humble beginnings and quickly turned my focus into becoming a true master of my craft. Not only in the digital marketing space, but in business as a whole. We used to work with all types of contractors but:

Our current focus is in helping real estate agents, brokers, & team leaders aggressively scale their business through online ads, inbound marketing strategies, and sales systems optimization. 
In 2020 alone, I’m proud to say we’ve partnered up with over 10 new RE businesses around the U.S and helped build out quality lead gen magnet and automation systems to fill their calendars with in-market buyers and sellers in their area.
– Jaime Ure, Founder of Zenscape Marketing