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Strategies for Digital Marketing in Florida

Did you know that PPC campaign spending plans on platforms like Google ads can change contingent upon the selected keyword phrase on the coveted search engine results Page (SERP)? Typically the higher the search density for the keyword phrase that you want your ad to show up on the bigger the ad spend budget will need to be because there will be denser business competition on these pages. 

Just 10 sites are sufficiently fortunate to claim the first page of a relevant Google search home. These ten organic result postings under the paid promotions are highly desired territory and the only way to claim this coveted real estate is with continual and consistent effort. Google awards these ten spots on their search results lists to websites who are creating  content on a regular basis that is both original and insightful.

This content should be thoroughly be researched according to topics trending around your industry and ideally it should effectively answer a question being asked by potential customers. 

SEO Keyword Phrases + Location Targeting

The kinds of terms that users typically input into search engines like Google can be separated into two isolate classes. While they share some similarities they are fundamentally different – one being Geographically focused while the other opens up targeting to a worldwide audience. The geographic pursuits will, by and large, contain a a specific area such as a city or district in addition to your fundamental inquiry term. (e.g Digital Marketing in Florida).

The worldwide ventures will be the root term for which you are looking without a city or area. Let’s utilize “Catering Services” as an example. A geographic online search could include the term “Gainesville Florida Catering Services” and the SERP would show numerous restaurants and caterers in the Gainesville region. In the event that you were simply doing a search for the primary business term “Catering Services” you will get a totally different list of websites claiming the results displayed on the search engine.

Search Engine Optimization Matters!

Small business looking to yield the best results from their websites need to understand the importance of SEO content involving especially when involving geographic categorization. Let’s go back to our catering example for a second – say there are 150 competitors in the direct geographic location and surrounding area as our entrepreneur. For our catering company to be sought out among the many others offering similar services our content needs to first be seen! We should make certain that our website content is properly optimized for search engines in order to help ensure visibility is maximized.

A website that has zero SEO will undoubtedly rank poorly among its competition which will place our website near the bottom of Google’s 150 list – and the truth of the matter is that no one will find you here. In this example the catering services website would show up on around the 15th page of the SERP; it’s estimated that less than 15% of people will navigate past the second page of the SERP results. 

There are tremendous benefits that come with creating professional and original content including:

  • Effective Lead generation
  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Increased Company Revenue
  • Outshine Competition
  • Earn Clients’ Trust
  • Grow Your Brand

Zenscape Marketing realizes that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the primary element for any effective site. Our team at Zenscape offers professional inbound digital marketing in Florida. We’re a website design and online advertising firm that specializes in creating search engine optimized content for business websites. Contact us today to inquire about WordPress website design, SEO content writing, video production, inbound marketing, social media management, or any of our other digital marketing services. Your success is our mission!.

Digital Marketing in Florida