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Our Top 5 Tips for Improving Client/Designer Communication

  • Hold an Initial Briefing Session
  • Use Mock-Ups for Ideas
  • Create a File Structure Road Map
  • Keep in Mind Mobile-Responsive Design
  • Present a Great User-Experience

Understanding The Brief

It is imperative that whoever is designing your website whether it be a personal blog or a company site recognizes all of the key points you require. Before writing a single line of code or beginning to create the look of any pages on the site your designer should have a deep understanding of qualities that you absolutely need as well as any preferences you have in the aesthetics or layout of the website. It’s important to ensure that your web design goals are well explained so that they can be properly met and that both parties fully understand what the business realities surrounding the project really are. Taking the time to fully brief your web designer on your particular goals and needs for the site will help influence all decisions going forward – acting as a directional guide for the development team. In short it’s wisest to make sure to separate time to have a proper brief with your web developer in which you clearly outline the expectations are and outcome of the website should be. If you’d like to set up an appointment to discuss a site development project with our Gainesville web design team simply call 321-209-4923 today.

Mock Ups

One of the most effective ways to communicate what you’d like out of your web design service is write out or illustrate a draft of what you want on the page(s). Many website development teams and designers, including us as Zenscape, draw out mock-ups for our clients to roughly grasp what the design will look like. However, the same line of communication can be done in reverse in which the client can write out what elements they desire and their placement on the website. From here the designer should be able to start drafting the look and providing suggested alternatives to portions of the mock up that might be more efficient if carried out slightly differently. A solid plan of action can save tremendous headache, time, and money – so before beginning your next project consider drafting some sort of mock up for your site.

Road Map Your Content Structure

This is essentially the process of creating wanted directories and subdirectories on the site. It’s also the best way to explain how pages are related. While Zenscape Marketing takes care of this portion of the project for our clients some web designers may not – if you want to ensure your site isn’t accidentally missing a sub page or downloadable file it’s important to have road map your website’s file and content structure and compare it against the completed website.

Don’t Shirk The Mobile Design!

When making a choice in who will be taking care of your website design needs one of the most important things to consider is that your web development team needs to place an emphasis on mobile design. Most of today’s online traffic is performed via a mobile device. If you do not provide your website visitors with a responsive and well laid out website that they can visit via their smartphones and tablets your shirking 60% of potential customers. Not only does having a non-responsive website make you less professional in the eyes of your website visitors, but your Google rankings will also suffer because of the fact. Google announced that starting in 2018 they’d begin accounting for the mobile version of websites when crawling then for SERPs (search engine results pages) rankings. Our Gainesville web design team understands the importance of creating responsive websites and can help with the completion of your next design project.

Focus on User Experience

Our final tip for creating an effective website when communicating your needs with your web designer is to keep user experience in mind. Think about who your target audience is and what you want them to be doing when visiting your site. Is the task easy for them to accomplish? Are the portions of your website that you want your users to find easy to navigate to? If the draft of your website design doesn’t have user-friendly experience in mind then you want to consider taking a step back and re-assessing the framework.

These combined efforts will help ensure your website needs are effectively met. ZenScape utilizes all of the aforementioned tips when communicating with our clients regarding services provided by our Gainesville web design firm. Our team finds that by structuring the communication process the more work much more efficiently in meeting our clients’ needs.

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