Creating A Global Marketing Plan for Your Business

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Global Marketing Plan

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In today’s global business economy having a professional website and a solid digital marketing strategy in place are absolutely crucial if you want your business to be an effective competitor within its respective industry. Having a professionally search-engine optimized business site helps ensure that you are in the best possible position for success and is one of the greatest tools at your disposal for executing your global marketing plan. Zenscape is Gainesville Florida’s go-to specialists for all things digital marketing. Whether your business is in need of social media management, help with paid ad campaigns, video production, graphic design, SEO copywriting, Zenscape is your personal marketing team. One of the most effective strategies for helping a company strengthen its online presence and help build brand establishment is through the regular provision of valuable content that is published directly on the business site.

Create Content Emanating Value

When you provide valuable, industry-related content to your website visitors you begin to present yourself as the authoritative figure within your industry. People respond well when they are presented with true value. What does providing value mean online? It means providing them with well-researched, helpful, and insightful information that will assist them in moving forward with the subject at hand. From our perspective, as digital marketing specialists, we have found SEO to be one of the most effective strategies for strengthening brand presence overtime while remaining highly cost effective. Which is why, through resources such as our blog, we continuously strive to teach both our clients and website visitors as much as we can about SEO. 

Global Marketing Plan

The Process of SEO

The process of search engine optimization is a bit gradual, but overtime snowballs into a truly impressive strategy in helping create fresh website traffic, and in turn increase business leads generated online. There are several key factors to consider when creating a new page on your business site that you want to reap the benefits of SEO. One of the main things to consider is that major search engines like Google typically have a certain criterion when evaluating fresh content and ranking said content within their search engine according to relevance. This means that if you want your website to effectively rank within these platforms you should familiarize yourself with these specifications. 

A good starting point for planning an SEO campaign is doing what is referred to as keyword research. Consider what services or products are provided by your business and place yourself in the shoes of your customers. What would they type into a search engine like Google if they were in need of the solutions that your business offers? For example: someone who is looking for a website designer might search for something along the lines of “professional business website development.” Identifying keyword phrases like the one aforementioned for your specific industry will allow you to create effective content that utilizes the exact phrases people are using when looking for the products or services that you provide.

Google itself is highly versatile tool at your disposal when doing keyword research. Google Adwords is one of our preferred methods of gathering SEO keyword reports. The process is quite simple once you have created an Adwords account. Google’s Keyword planner will allow you to input a keyword phrase and will in turn serve you a list of suggested keywords and phrases that are related along with numerical information on those keyword phrases including how many times a month the phrase is searched for. With a list of keywords like this at your disposal you have the power to create fresh content based around each one of those keyword phrases that will move your website’s links up in the search engine rankings

Keyword research allows you to place yourself in your customers’ shoes with minimal effort. Basing your content creation strategy on keyword research immediately gives you the vantage point of using your prospects’ own lingo. If you’ve been looking to discuss the creation of a global marketing plan with a professional digital marketing team – Zenscape is at your disposal. Schedule an appoint with Jaime, our lead project manager, to discuss your personal global marketing plan.

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