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How Much Do You Charge For “X”?

How much do you charge? This is a question that comes up a lot on sales calls and one that you want to handle with care. As I’ve stated in previous content, questions are always driven by thoughts and never happen by accident. There is always a “context” from which the questions come and your ability to understand the context will improve your odds in developing the right answer.

When I suggest that we work to create the “right” answer I don’t mean that we are trying to fool anyone. Frequently, when we are addressing questions there are multiple possible answers and we just want to make sure that we have a higher likely hood of picking the right one.

In relation to price questions, it is always important to answer the question “in context”. So usually, in order to understand the “context” in which the question was asked you’ll need to ask more questions.

You’ll often find that the question “how much do you charge?” is really not the right question. Starting a dialog with the prospect about what they want will move them away from focusing solely on price and get you better information. Using a “reflector” to help reverse engineer your offer while focusing on your customers’ needs will help you understand the real questions you should be asking.

“First thing’s first: don’t worry too much about other people’s prices, because you don’t know what their business models are. Maybe they have other sources of income. Maybe they’re losing a ton of money! The fact is, you don’t know. So mind your own business.

Your pricing has to sustain your business or freelance lifestyle. You need to price in your salary, costs and expenses, taxes, pension and savings. And you need to be making enough profit to invest back into yourself and your business so you can get better, and thus raise your prices and work less.”

Imogen Roy | Medium

When asked about price for custom services before you have all the info you need try saying “…it depends”. This simple phrase has an uncanny way of handling an awful lot of the price questions you’ll get. Price often depends on a lot of things like:

Another great way to handle pricing inquiries for your services, that’s particularly effective on the telephone, is “while I’m looking it up did you select that item for a reason?”. Often times prospects call in for a price on an offer, hear it… and hang up. Engaging the prospect and getting better information will not only help you build rapport but eliminate a lot of those “get a price and hang up calls”.

Talking about price before understanding what your prospect is trying to accomplish is sales suicide and doesn’t actually help your prospects. If you want to best serve your customers you need to first understand their needs and then offer a fairly priced solution to their problem. Use these simple tips and you’ll get better results – no more stumbling over those “How much do you charge?” questions.


How Much Do You Charge?


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