How To Get on The First Page of Google | A 2019 Guide

How to get on the First Page of Google

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How To Get on The First Page of Google in 2019

So you’d like your website to rank #1 on Google? While you may not want to hear this: the truth of the matter is that this goal can be extremely difficult  to accomplish. This assertion isn’t meant to discourage your goal or tell you that you can’t accomplish it, but it is meant to place you in the right frame of mind for pursuing this feat. Search engine optimization (SEO) is among the most powerful tools that both entrepreneurs and companies have at their disposal to compete in today’s global business world. However it seems as though many people pretty misinformed when it comes to understanding the fundamental details of how SEO works and how to go about implementing onto their websites. In this article I’ll be breaking down some of these misconceptions while explaining three robust strategies for helping you  improve your website’s search engine optimization in 2019 and detail how to get on the first page of Google. 

My name is Jaime Ure and I got my start in web design when I was at the young age of 19. My first project was a website I designed for Madrigal Records (a personal project conceptualized around developing a digital label for indie music and art). The design was very basic (and frankly not very good when thinking back), but I was proud of site and online store I had built into it. Once the site was completed I genuinely thought that the biggest portion of my work was done and I’d start seeing traffic (and eventually revenue) from the website. Needless to say not many people visited the site. Instead of taking this as a letdown I used it as a learning experience. I began to understand that if I wanted to see online business success I would need to become familiar with a myriad of strategies to help show people my work – I needed some digital marketing techniques under my sleeve if I wanted a chance of making things work. My first instinct was to throw some money at the problem without truly informing myself as best as I could’ve. This attempt at solving the problem proved ineffective – resulting in paying for unsatisfactory services with less than impressive results. 

A couple years down the line I found myself working for an established digital marketing agency located in Boca Raton Florida as an SEO content specialists. I went into the company with much enthusiasm and learned a lot more about the industry as a whole thanks to the many niche experts I was surrounded by. With this experience under my belt, I was able to dive deeper not only into SEO/digital marketing but also back into web design with a much more professional approach. I redesigned Madrigal Records to reflect something closer to what had originally been envisioned. I also revamped the site with on and off page SEO to help reach my target audience and finally after almost 3 years since the initial idea I was able to built the website I had imaged while also effectively increasing it’s traffic. Search engine optimization is continuously evolving over time, this means that if you want to remain a competitive content provider you should familiarize yourself with these occasional changes. Without further ado, here are three of my top tips addressing how to get on the first page of google.

How to get on the First Page of Google? | Focus on a Niche

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we have a massive amount of information readily available to us in 2019. It’s for this reason that if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd in terms of your website content and how well it ranks it can be very beneficial to place your focus onto a niche. Websites who produce content on everything rather than zeroing in on a specific concept and being very thorough in regards to that topic are much less likely to rank in Google. This is because when you focus on a niche you naturally tend to be more thorough and explanatory. If you create truly informative and in-depth pieces of content your website will be more likely to be favored by Google as well as other search engines.

How to get on the First Page of Google? | Optimize Your Title Tag & Meta Description

Whenever you perform a Google search, the results displayed will show you a link on the top and a 1-2 sentence description below that link. Google’s algorithm favors pieces of content that mention the keyword phrase that you are targeting within both the your title and meta description. This is because Google has taken note that users performing searches are much more likely to click on a search result that mentions the keyword that they typed into the search bar. However it’s important to note that keyword stuffing is not the way to effectively get your content to rank. Instead you should focus on creating a title tag and meta description that allows your selected keyword phrase to flow in a sentence, and is both easy and appealing to read.

How to get on the First Page of Google? | Use Google’s Search Console

Whenever you apply a change to your website there is absolutely no reason for you to not notify Google via their Webmasters’ tools feature on the Search Console. No need to sweat it If you’re not sure how to go about submitting URLs to Google’s search console. We have a free guide with illustrations explaining how to use Google’s search console within one of our articles detailing implementable SEO tips.

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