Landing Page Speed Optimization Creates Better Web Sales Funnels

In today’s day and age website visitors expect a fast-loading site. Here’s a quick fact to consider: If your landing page speed takes more than 3 seconds to load, you’re losing approximately 40% of your traffic. I think we can all agree – that’s a lot of prospects! Do you need some help optimizing your site?

Landing Page Speed Optimization Creates Better Web Sales Funnels

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We've Got an Eye-Opener for you Today Regarding Landing Page Speed

The landing page speed of your website is IMMENSELY important for your conversion rates.
(Real-world studies below…)

You wouldn’t believe just how important it is.

The plain fact is: If your pages take more than 3 seconds to load, you’re losing approximately 40% of your traffic.

This has been shown in multiple studies, over and over again.

Example #1: A French lingerie brand named “TEAM” saw their conversions rise 20% after just a 0.7 second landing page speed boost on their website.

Example #2: The Aberdeen Group discovered that on their website, a 1-second delay resulted in 7% less conversions.

Example #3: In the re-election campaign, Obama For America made their donations page load 3 seconds faster. As a result, they pulled in 14% more revenue: a cool $34,000,000.

So — HOW do you make your pages fast?

There are several ways to approach optimizing your website’s page loading times. One of the most commonly overlooked factors that will slow down your site is serving users non-optimized images. 

1. Make sure your images are properly compressed to the correct sizes otherwise your site’s landing page speed will unnecessarily suffer. 

2. Ensure that you don’t have broken links or site errors. Broken links commonly occur when permalinks are changed to a different keyword or phrase or content migration to  another domain. Fortunately this is an error that can be easily fixed by including a 301 redirect to the link’s new destination.

3. Eliminate website baggage by cutting down on external scripts, making sure you are using plug-ins sparingly, and optimizing JS (Javascript) and CSS (Cascading style sheets) files as best as possible.

Building a Better Online Sales Funnel

There’s nothing more important to your online business than your sales funnel.

But setting one up has always been complicated — because there are so many moving parts:

1) The first necessary component is a good page builder. 

2) You need great hosting — because when your page comes down in the middle of a campaign, that is NOT fun!

3) You need it to be FAST… because slow loading pages will kill your conversion rates. Slow sales pages have been shown time and time again to decrease conversions. The problem with a lot of page builders is that they tend to come with a lot of bloat. Want xpert help with your sales funnels? Our UI/UX specialists can help you ensure your pages load like lightning. ⚡️

4) You need excellent stats; this information helps you educate yourself on what’s working and what could use improvement. Google Search Console tool as well as their Analytics platform provide extensive information about your website including individual landing page speed and even what queries audiences are using to locate your site. 

5) You also need a shopping cart that can cope with whatever you want to sell: one-off products, subscriptions, one-click upsells, bumps, and more. If you’re a WordPress site owner a good do-it-yourself option for this task would be to familiriaze yourself with Woocommerce. WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress and best of all you can start using it today for free!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with incredible landing page speed, better conversion rates, and a well integrated shopping cart we are ready to help. Our web development and marketing specialists understand exactly what it takes to create a successful web sales funnel and how to optimize your site’s landing page speed. We look forward to helping improve your branding and watching your business grow. Ready for a meeting? Schedule your free consultation here.

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