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If you are looking for more leads generated by your website, but also want to create a campaign that will yield long-term results rather than a “solution” that will go away as soon as your paid advertising budget is up then it’s time you give inbound marketing some consideration. The whole point of this tactic is to draw in fresh web visitors to your site by creating the very content these potential customers are searching for online. SEO, or search engine optimization, should be one of the campaign’s main efforts.

Inbound marketing is all about demonstrating your website’s value to search engines like Google by creating original content that users are actively seeking out.

Local Inbound Marketing: How it Works

Many people think of online marketing strategies as tools for companies that do business on a global scale, but local inbound marketing strategies create avenues for even the smallest local businesses to have a loud and prominent voice on the internet. Local inbound marketing involves using social media platforms such as Youtube, Google, and Facebook to reach a massive number of potential clients in your area, driving up not only online but also physical traffic to your business. Local inbound marketing focuses on organic online traffic, meaning that the goal of posting articles, videos, and pictures is to engage your potential clients instead of turning them away with traditional and easy to ignore ads.

Local inbound marketing is a clever marketing technique that is designed to engage potential clients in interesting and entertaining content that directly pertains to your business. Local inbound marketing differs from other marketing techniques such as outbound marketing by creating content that is specifically designed to attract the type of person that is already interested in the goods and services that your company has to offer. Instead of bombarding a general audience via traditional ad space, local inbound marketing is a fine-tuned method of advertising that reaches the audience you really want.

Local Inbound Marketing: How it can help your business

Local inbound marketing is an important tool for any business. Small, community businesses can especially benefit from this technique, as it dramatically broadens the amount of people your marketing team can reach within your relative location. One of the most important things for the growth of a company, big or small, is brand recognition, and having a competent online marketing strategy is an outstanding method of boosting brand recognition and driving up sales.

A positive online presence is one of the best ways to convert online viewers into actual paying customers. People are much more likely to give their hard-earned money to a company that they perceive as productive, beneficial, and friendly pillars of the community, rather than faceless enterprises.  At Zenscape, we use a combination of Google website marketing, Facebook posts and ad campaigns, and Youtube videos, as well as other social media avenues such as Instagram, in order to obtain maximum exposure for your company and its products in a personal and unobtrusive process that is appealing to and builds trust with the members of your community.

One of the benefits of an ongoing local inbound marketing strategy is that it is an excellent way of growing trust and interest in your brand by supplying potential clients with appealing and enjoyable subject matter that gets them thinking about what your business has to offer them on a regular basis. People who have gained insight or knowledge that they find valuable from your website are far more likely to trust your business and brand over one that is unknown to them. This is where a business that does not take the time to personalize their content for their potential clients misses out.

Local Inbound Marketing for Small Business 

If you happen to be a small business owner, you are probably familiar with the challenges of finding customers in your area, especially when you are first starting out. It can be a huge hurdle for a new business owner if their business fails to pick up traction within the first few months of opening. Even established small businesses can struggle to stay afloat when they once flourished in today’s economy. Many of these owners will eventually feel like failures, doubting their decision-making skills as well as their overall competence as business owners.  However, in most cases, new small businesses fail, and older small businesses eventually lose their steady stream of customers, for just one reason: lack of brand recognition within the community. If someone hasn’t heard of your company, there’s a big chance that they’ll drive by your storefront without a second thought. This is where local inbound marketing comes into play, helping your business get connected and familiarized with all of the potential clients in your community.

Want to Rank Better on Google?

Start Writing. If you’ve ever heard the term “content is king,” know that it holds much truth. There’s a reason it’s a commonly tossed around phrase; that reason is simple – It improves your website’s search rankings. Is there a keyword or phrase that you would like your website to show up for when people type a query then it is essential that you create content around that subject or “phrase.” Say for example that you own a small, but respected plumbing company in the Chicago area. Some terms you’d probably like to rank for in this scenario could include:

  • Plumber Chicago
  • Plumbing Services Chicago
  • Plumber Near Me Chicago
  • Best Chicago Plumbers
  • Chicago Emergency Planners

Once you have determined the term(s) that you’d like to rank for you should move onto contemplating a writing topic that includes the search term in the title. Create an informative post on the topics that you have decided on. This is the framework for creating SEO content that will help draw visitors to your site, educate your audience about topics in your industry, and help you grow your customer base.

Zenscape offers innovative inbound marketing packages that are designed with our clients in mind. Our packages come in tiers that are laid out in basic, easy-to-follow language in order to assure that you are choosing the correct plan of action for your business. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent, quality service, and our mission is to help your company grow to its full potential.

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