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No matter what kind of product or service your company provides, a well made logo is essential to the appearance of your website design and for your business. A logo provides a kind of first impression for your potential customers, so you want to make sure that your logo is both visually appealing and easy to remember. At ZenScape we simplify the process of professional logo design. We'll discuss the logistics of your business and identify and specifications the you may have regarding the design to ensure your satisfaction

Logos can be a tool for your company to spark the memory of people who may have seen it before, whether they are a past customer or simply saw your logo in an ad. A sense of familiarity can often tip the scales when a person is choosing which company to purchase goods and services from. Therefore, your company logo should be straightforward, easily recognizable, and capture the essence of what your business is about.

Once your logo has been designed by ZenScape's professional team of artists, the applications are only limited to your imagination. We are excited to help you make the vision of your business that you have always dreamed of into a reality, and we know that even the little steps must be executed with care and passion in order to gain true success. At ZenScape, we pride ourselves with offering our customers excellence in everything we create.

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Logo Design Services

Logo Mock-Up

We’ll come up with a concept of your logo and discuss our graphic design ideas with you or your company’s art director. Our team will craft a custom high resolution mock up for your needs. Our custom logo design services are perfect for establishing your brand.


ZenScape Marketing is a digital advertisement agency located in Gainesville FL. We provide clients with a myriad of exceptional services to facilitate business growth. Our basic logo design services are included with our website design packages.

Digital Agency

ZenScape is your company’s personal graphics design team. Our company consists of a group of talented and motivated graphic designers who yearn to create beautiful images and visual content. Our team can provide you with high-res branded images.


If you are looking for professional logo design services our graphic designers have got your needs covered. We will ask you for any design or color specifications and a little about your company/industry. Once we’ve gathered this info we’ll draft your logo design.

Logo Design Services

Zenscape offers simple and affordable logo design services for both new and experienced companies. ZenScape will help you create a crisp, clear, and direct logo that will simply and elegantly embody the spirit of your business. ZenScape's professional logo design services offer high resolution vector images of your custom made logo that can be scaled to any size to fit all of your company's needs. We can help you to compose the perfect logo for your company that can be used:

  • On your website
  • On business cards
  • On your products
  • On banners
  • On office walls
  • On vehicles

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Logo Design Services

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