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6 Ways to Grow with Organic Social Media Marketing

In today’s ever-changing digital world, marketing strategies have to evolve in order for businesses to succeed. An organic social media marketing approach is an integral part of any business’ success, and involves a broad range of activities that can contribute to a company’s growth. For this reason, it is important that every business owner knows the basics.

Here are 6 ways you can grow with organic social media marketing:

Number 1. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

You don’t need to spend hours on every single social media platform. Your audience may not be present in all of them, so why waste time? Choosing which network makes the most sense for your business is easier than you think!

You can get a good idea about your audience by simply asking them. Try using surveys, put it in emails or give some of the best customers a quick call and see how things are going for them lately! Meanwhile, ask them which social platforms they use for business purposes and for personal purposes.

Additionally, you can do research on the demographics of different social media platforms. The renowned Pew Research Center is a great source for this kind of data. Choose the platforms which focus on catering to your ideal customer, so that you can more easily connect with the people you want to reach.

Number 2. Optimize Your Profiles

If you want to be a social media rockstar, it’s important that every aspect of your profile be tweaked for visibility and effectiveness. Certain recommendations apply to all social media platforms, for example: use an easy-to-remember and catchy username or title for your page, with a recognizable photo or brand logo (make sure it’s high-quality and high-fidelity). Use keyword-rich descriptions for your posts, which sound natural while pointing towards other content or calls to action that users might search for if they were interested in viewing more information about your product or service.

Everything about your profile should be set up to welcome visitors to your circle, to demonstrate your expertise in your field, and to encourage potential clients to reach out with any questions.

Number 3. Post Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that never gets old — it stays relevant no matter how much time has passed. It’s not easy to create this content. A typical post on social media, especially one that is published across platforms like Facebook or Twitter can have a widely varied lifespan- some live for just an hour while others are still being discussed weeks later!

Each post should be engaging enough that people don’t get bored with what they’re reading — this means you may want to explore new subjects outside of the usual topics in your industry.

Always keep in mind the longevity and sustained relevance of the content you post. Ideally, it will be relevant and helpful information, no matter when a visitor finds it.

Number 4. Post the Right Types of Content

On average, the organic reach of a post on a Facebook page in 2021 is around 5% and has been declining. This means you need to lend particular attention to creating high-quality, value-packed, attractive content. All types of content are not the same — some attract much more engagement than others. It’s no surprise that videos often have the highest engagement level compared to other types, as a well-crafted video provides a highly engaging and informative experience. The type of content you post is, of course, somewhat tied to the platform. You wouldn’t post a long text post on TikTok, just like you can’t post a “story” (FaceBook or SnapChat style) on Twitter. Do some research on what type of posts perform the best on your targeted platform, so that you can effectively reach your target audience.

Number 5. Promote Your Profiles

Besides promoting your business profiles on any and all platforms that you currently use, consider adding social networking buttons on your website, or a blog signature so that users who visit your site can instantly “follow” you without having to leave the page they’re looking at first.

Number 6. Interact with and engage your followers

With 2.91 billion monthly users on Facebook alone, it can be easy to get lost in the noise when trying to promote your brand organically. A crucial step to increase engagement on your own posts is to engage with the people you follow by replying to their posts and comments, sending messages, tagging them in posts, and any other platform-appropriate engagement. Not only are they going to come back for more of what you have curated, but they’ll also share with their other friends who may enjoy it as well. People want businesses that offer something different than everyone else — this is where building trust comes into play, through offering quality products or services at competitive prices while maintaining a sense of humanity.

With so many ways to grow your business using organic social media marketing, it can be challenging and overwhelming to figure out where you should start. When it all seems like too much, Zenscape Marketing is here for you. Whether you need a new website or an entire organic social media marketing strategy, our team will work with you to craft a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals – for FREE. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help.


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