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$499.00 $399.00

45-60 second commercial-style marketing video (with 2 free revisions) for the reduced price of $399. These videos will be in the same style as the examples I showed you during previous conversations. We will have a finished product within 14 days of receiving payment. Below you’ll find the the steps we’ll take through the video production process:

1. Our team will create a concept script and them immediately work on drafting the video.
2. We will have a complete demo within 7 days which we will present to you for review.
3. Upon receiving your video you may ask for edits to be made or approve of the production. Although our team allows you to request revisions twice, we courteously ask that you please communicate any pertinent information or details regarding the project as clearly as possible.
4. If any revisions were requested we will make the desired changes and present with the final draft.
5. Upon receiving this draft you may review the content and if necessary ask for a final revision.
6. We will deliver your final product.

Marketing Video Examples:

When You Realize You Boosted Sales
With Great Marketing…
Work Smarter Not Harder
Revitalize Your Marketing  in Style