real estate lead conversion scripts

Frameworks for Creating Powerful Real Estate Lead Conversion Scripts

How to Become a Top-Performing Real Estate Agent: The Script

Real Estate Pros!
Did you know that only 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact?
Yet most agents feel “failure” if they don’t convert on the 1st contact. 🙃
The math simply works against you if that is your mindset. So go easy on yourself and don’t forget to follow up. 😉
real estate lead conversion scripts

How to Become a Top-Performing Real Estate Agent: The Script

Real estate is a competitive profession, and becoming a top-performing agent can be difficult.  This post will walk you through the first steps of a script that will help real estate agents set more appointments with prospects during calls.

When you’re on the phone with a prospect, it’s important to keep in mind that your script should be customized for them.  We’ll walk through how to tailor this template so that it works well for both buyers and sellers.

This is an example of what not to do: “Hi! I’m calling from ABC Realty Company; can we talk about buying or selling?” Too often, agents just ask prospects if they want to buy or sell without learning anything about their needs – while this may work sometimes, it doesn’t nearly as often as taking time upfront will pay off later. Instead of jumping right into asking people whether they want help buying or selling outright, have a more detailed conversation and find out exactly where they are in the process.

It’s important to find out what your prospects’ needs are first. Are they already considering buying or selling – and if so why? Understanding your prospects goals will help you see how you can best assist them

Whether they are considering buying or selling, it’s imperative to find out what their needs and preferences are when it comes to helping them meet their goals. Whether that be a specific location, size of living space, amenities in the home etc.

It also helps to know their timeline so that you can help them understand when they should be looking to actually buy/sell. With that said here’s a simple but effective framework, you can follow to open phone conversations and start landing more appointments and thus more contracts through your calls.


Using the name provided in the lead, ask for the person by their first name like so:

“Hello, is this Cade? or “Hi! Is Cade available?”


If they say No, don’t throw in the towel just right away. You can say something along the lines of:

“Oh, okay. I’m looking for Cade Gouin. Is he available?”


If they still don’t recognize the name, Stay calm, take a breath if you must. What you should try to do here is confirm the address:

“I apologize. I’m calling about the property for sale on 1111 Affirmations Lane. Do I have the right number?”


If by this point you’ve collected the intel you were looking for – then mission accomplished! You can probably move on to the next call. But even if they’ve answered “No” to all the questions above, you can still move to salvage with a final attempt by asking if they have a phone number they could pass along for the property owner. (Remember: they might be a current tenant or perhaps a family member, so this last question is definitely worth asking).

There you have it! Follow this simple four-step script framework on your calls, it’s designed specifically to help you breeze through the introduction calls with efficiency, confidence, and ease. Small tweak = big changes. This script + the right follow-up and nurture systems = big bucks. Implement these tips and we promise you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can convert those prospects into listing appointments.

Talk soon!

Next Steps

The design of your marketing materials can make or break the success of your real estate business. But, with so many options and strategies available, it can be difficult to know where to start. Want more clarity on your strategy?

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How to get good leads in Real Estate

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