Five Tips To Help Build a Strong Real Estate Marketing Campaign

73% of homeowners say they would prefer to list with a real estate agent who offers video. Yet only 12% of agents have a YouTube account. Use this opportunity to Growth-Hack!

Real Estate Marketing Campaign

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Want Real Estate Marketing Campaign Success? Apply These Five Tips:

  1. Implement a Video Marketing Strategy
    Video marketing is a great way for any business to catch the attention of potential clients, and your real estate marketing campaign can enjoy all the benefits of this excellent tool. Your video for your marketing campaign doesn’t have to be very long or detailed, simply eye-catching and to the point. Quick, charming, high-quality videos will help you set up your brand by giving your business a touch of individuality A 30 second to one minute video is generally best for a digital marketing campaign, and a video that implements bright colors, interesting themes, and catchy music are the most effective at catching and keeping the attention of prospective clients.

  2. Apply Ongoing SEO Strategies to Your Website
    One of the best ways to seamlessly integrate search engine optimized content into your website is to create an ongoing and regularly updated blog that contains useful resources and information for your readers. SEO is a powerful marketing strategy due to the fact that it boosts the amount of people viewing your website on a short term scale, as well as providing your website with a certain number of returning viewers who truly appreciate the content that you have to offer. The digital marketing environment is known for introducing rapid changes and abrupt updates that have the potential of throwing your website off-track and even disrupting your operations if you aren’t careful, so having a sound and ongoing marketing strategy in place is extremely important for maintaining an organic flow of online traffic to your website.

  3. Make Use of PPC Platforms
    Pay-per-click, or PPC, platforms are online platforms such as Facebook that allow companies to run paid ads to their users. Paid ads are advantageous because they can help generate a lot of buzz around your business, getting the right clients interested in the services you have to offer. Despite organic presence diminishing on many popular social networks, paid Facebook ads are often the most efficient way to get in front of consumers. This is because Facebook has a lot of great targeting features to make sure you just pay to get noticed by your target audience. Facebook’s ad campaign features allow you to fine-tune the audience that views your ad, including the region, age range, and language preferences of the people viewing your ad. This allows you to ensure that only the people who are most likely to be converted into clients are viewing your ad at any given time.

  4. Ensure that your Website is Mobile-Friendly
    A mobile-friendly website is essential for your real estate business, as up to 80% of the people browsing the internet and searching for products and services are now using their smartphones. By creating a responsive mobile template,  you are automatically receiving the immediate benefit of  being seen by the majority of current internet users. Having a website that is not specifically integrated with mobile-friendly features ends up looking sloppy and unprofessional on a smartphone, no matter how pristine it looks on your desktop.  For the success of your website and the amount of traffic that it receives, to keep up with the competition, and ensure that your online presence is as professional as possible, having a mobile-specific design for your website is key.

  5. Provide information About Yourself on Your Website
    The world of real estate can be an intimidating to people looking to rent or buy a home, and adding a touch of the human element to your website can make your potential clients feel more comfortable and trusting of you and your business. Offering a brief biography or “about me” on your website that gives your potential clients a glimpse of who you are as a person humanizes you and your business, and it has been shown that real estate clients respond best to businesses that have a friendly, outgoing, and personalized touch.

    Zenscape is an award-winning digital marketing agency. We are dedicated to helping business owners obtain the resources needed to conduct a successful marketing campaign every step of the process. We know what is takes to grow your real estate business organically with content and inbound marketing. If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation to see how Zenscape can help you, we invite you to contact us today.
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