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3 Types of Websites Explained

ZenScape Marketing specializes in custom WordPress design services and SEO content creation. We provide work with small businesses to craft beautiful websites that engages their target audience and draws in more leads.

In today’s article we’ll be sharing some tips on how to approach a web design project for the most effective results by reviewing some different types of websites and their uses. When considering among different options for your web design needs it’s important to consider several aspects of what you really need out of your service provider in order to avoid unnecessary frustration and wasted time. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur that is looking to launch a brand new site it’s crucial to understand what you’re hoping to accomplish with this website so that you may effectively relay your goals to your designer. There are several different kinds of websites that each come with their own unique attributes. The savviest business owners understand the importance of op proper planning before carrying out a business project.

E-Commerce Websites

One of the most requested types of websites sought out by established business owners and entrepreneurs alike is the e-commerce website. E-commerce sites are ideal for anyone looking to sell products or services online. Physical products are the most common revenue generator for e-commerce website owners. Brick and Mortar stores looking to offer their products for sale online and ship directly to customers are one of the many examples of an entity that could benefit from the creation of a professional ecommerce website. A good example would be one of the companies (mentioned earlier) that we’ve provided with South Florida website design. MPR is a jewelry store located in Aventura (North Miami Beach) Florida, while they’ve experienced stability and success with their physical location they wanted a site which could professionally explain the services they offer as well have a digital store set up for products they plan to launch in the coming months.

Blog or Digital Magazine

Blogs have established themselves as a highly popular type of website particularly in the last decade. With continually rising surges of information and the sharing of new ideas many digital content creators and bloggers have emerged. As a digital marketing company we recommend that anyone managing a professional website incorporate a blog for SEO reasons alone – but ultimately this is up to the website owner. A stand alone Blog or Digital Magazine can be an extremely powerful website and if properly managed can generate tremendous revenue. If you’re asking yourself if you can make money through your blog or magazine site the short answer is – yes! The main way stand alone blog sites can create a constant stream of revenue is to create engaging content on a consistent basis and monetize your website by running ads.

“Can I Make Money Blogging?”  – Client

“Absolutely?”  – ZenScape Marketing

Business Website

If you’re trying to establish your business brand in the digital world having a professionally designed business website is essential. Our team at ZenScape Marketing focuses on creating custom WordPress sites that meet each and every need of our individual clients. We understand that every company is unique which is why we take the time to properly gauge your industry and learn about your company values and the services that you offer your customers. From here we work with you to create a personalized plan of action to draft the perfect site for your needs. We include search engine optimization in all of our website designs in order to help place our clients in the best possible scenario for online visibility and general success.

South Florida Website Design

Other Types of Websites We Can Help With Include:

  • Knowledge Based & Wiki Websites
  • Multilingual Websites
  • Business Directories
  • School & College Websites
  • Medical & Doctor Web Design
  • Photography Websites
  • Digital Product & Service Sales Sites
  • Niche Affiliate Websites

Whether you need South Florida website design services or you’re located elsewhere Zenscape Marketing is the premium solution for custom web development at highly competitive rates. Contact us today for a free discussion about your web design project.

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