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5 reasons why your business needs a video marketing campaign

video marketing campaign

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Video Marketing Campaign

1. video marketing campaigns offer a wholistic approach to branding

while articles can be excellent at presenting information about your business to consumers, they are also limited in the way that they can express the true essence of your company. A well produced video marketing campaign gives you the advantage of explaining your ideas and getting across the key points of your business offer – both visually and audibly. All this allows for a larger amount of information to be absorbed in a shorter amount of time.  Video content has the unique and versatile quality of being able to bring your message to life for the viewer. It is much easier for potential customers to envision and get excited about your goods or services while watching a video compared to simply reading copy.

2. Studies show that most people prefer videos to text for information

A recent Forbes article has dubbed video marketing as the “future of content marketing,” and it seems as if video marketing has indeed earned this prestigious title over the past few years. More people prefer to get their entertainment media, news, and other information off of the internet than ever before, making digital video marketing campaigns an ever broadening platform for new customers. Most people today, regardless of their demographic, view the majority of their media throughout the day using smart phones and computers, and most of the content being consumed on these devices is video. Therefore, in order to reach the broadest amount of potential consumers as possible, it is important for a business to have video content as well as articles on both their websites and in their ad campaigns.

3. Videos are less time consuming for consumers than text ads

While many people may not feel as if they have the time to read an entire article on a subject, most people are comfortable watching a short video, even if they don’t have much time on their hands. While reading an entire page on a website may seem like a chore for those with a busy schedule, videos can be watched quickly and while multitasking. In fact, according to a Hubspot research study, nearly three quarters of digital media consumers prefer video content over text, and many of those people find videos to be more memorable compared to written articles. And because people know that their friends and family are more likely to watch a quick video on a subject rather than read an article, videos tend to be shared much more often than text media.

4. Video ads are easily applied across many social media platforms

People aren’t just watching videos on youtube anymore. Major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have more video content than ever before, and many of these platforms have the advantage of automatically playing your video as soon as a potential consumer comes across it. Another advantage of these platforms is that you can use the same video ad in multiple online locations. By reaching as large amount of people as possible, video advertising is an outstanding way to generate more traffic to your website.

5. Video content is more reliable than text or photos

The old adage “seeing is believing” takes on a slightly different meaning in the digital age, but is still true as ever. Even the most carefully thought out article still won’t be enough to convince some skeptic potential clients that your company and its products are everything that you guarantee online. Studies have shown that people are far more trusting of a competently made video advertisement over text articles, even if the article includes pictures. Having strong, compelling video content to pair with the text content of your online presence assures your potential customers that your company is a legitimate and trustworthy business.

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